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Apex, NC. 27523

Web Designed, Web Managed and Optimized

Custom, Exclusive, Service Business Websites

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About us as a small, affordable and effective web design and managment company.  Call us freelancers if you want but ultimatly we're an affordable website solution for small to mid sized service businesses.

Your Website Goals are Our Website Goals

Your small to mid sized service business needs website and search engine love to.  Get small business rates with big business services. 

The one thing services businesses hate the most is waiting for that phone to ring. But lets face it, some service business owners dont have the option to proactivly gain new customer on demand, "until now".  Phone calls/email are the life blood, if it aint ringing, your business aint growing.  We provide the phone rings/email by using the Internet as a tool and not a toy.  We build your website, position it for search and create that music to your ears called "new business".

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Robert Meeker

Founder, Lead Designer, Sales, Managment.  12 Years self employed.  15 years design experieince.

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Heather (Meeker) Alwran

Graphic Design, Sales. Part time graphics, part time sales.  Internship with Lenovo(TM).

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Robby Meeker

Hardware Guru, IT Pro and Systems Analyst.  Our server specialist. 

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Sophie Meeker

Morale Professional, Food Consumption Expert and Disrupter of the Cuteness Market.

More About Us

Using the work from home business model allows us to pass savings on to our clients. Even our staff work in their real home office.

Keeping overhead lower than our competitors means a more significant percentage of your cost, actually goes towards your website and it's performance and less to utilities and considerable building expenses.

Founder, Designer, Sales, and Leader. Web Design Management SEO started with a man, a laptop, and a dream. He began on his own as a freelance designer and sparked the interest of his entrepreneur family.  Our small web company hit the ground running and has continued growing ever since. We combined our education, skills, and experience into a well-balanced team. Our business knowledge ranges from small service businesses to large corporate industries. Our primary goal has been and will always be the success of our clients. We will provide our services to you with integrity, dignity, and focus. 

Our mission is not just to design custom websites, it's more about helping small service businesses succeed by using the Internet as a tool and not a toy.  Yes we design websites but more importantly we design your success.

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Portfolio, Samples and Proofs

When we create a custom/exclusive design for you, we publish to our samples server first, this allows you to view, click and comment on your design.  You can even approve your design from your web browser.  This allows you to get a live look and feel for the design (not the content), content is added after the design has been approved.  Sometimes we do a sample for a new Industry we are tapping, discounts can be had if you are a client in an Industry we are interested in.
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